Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 7- Science and reason-Video art by Pipilotti Rist

Pipilotti Rist's video art- how can we link this to science and reason?

Still from 'Ever is Over All' (1997)


1. Define the 17th century 'Scientific Revolution', and say how it changed European thought and world view. 

2. Give examples of how we can we still see evidence of the 'Scientific Revolution' in the world today.

Research Pipilotti Rist's video installations to answer the following;

3. From your research, do you think that the contemporary art world values art work
that uses new media/technology over traditional media?

4. How has Pipilotti Rist used new media/technology to enhance the audience's experience of her work.

5. Comment on how the installation, sound and scale of 'Ever is Over All' (1997) could impact on the audience's experience of the work.

6. Comment on the notion of 'reason' within the content of the video. Is the woman's behaviour reasonable or unreasonable?

7. Comment on your 'reading' (understanding) of the work by discussion the aesthetic (look), experience and the ideologies (ideas, theories) of the work.

Pipilotti Rist - Ever Is Over All

Pipilotti Rist video installation, MoMA


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