Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 5 - The Social Status of the artist - The Renaissance and now.

Self Portrait in Fur Coat (1500)
Albrecht Durer

Knob (1997) Gavin Turk

Damien Hirst and Maia Norman (1995)

Albrecht Durer's 'Self-Portrait in Fur Coat' (1500) shows a significant change in the way that the artist views and portrays himself. Research the paintings by Albrecht Durer, Gavin Turk and Damien Hirst in order to answer
the following questions;

1. Identify aspects of Durer's self portrait that show a changing view of the artist's view of himself as an individual.
2. Explain how the artist's social status increased during the Renaissance period. Briefly explain why this happened.
3. Comment on Gavin Turk's work in relation to individualism, status of the artist and egotism.
4. Comment on Damien Hirst's use of his work and the media for self promotion.
5. Find 2 images of work by any artist or designer that reflect some of the ideas of individualism, self promotion or egotism that have been discussed on this blog. Upload images to your blog, title and date the work, identify the artist/designer and comment on the work in relation to the question.
6. How do you think artists and designers are viewed in Western society today?
7. Comment on the blogs of other students.
8. Reference the websites and/or books you have used, at the end of your blog.

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