Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Semester 2 - Blog assignment

Assignment 1 Blog

For assignment 1 you will

1. Continue working on your existing blogspot.
2. Provide your tutor with your blogspot address.
3. Write postings for your blog every week, for 6 consecutive weeks.
4. Introduce new ideas or arguments to your blog to show a range of research
and ability to critique.
5. Comments are voluntary, but encouraged to broaden your discussion.

Assessment details;

Details regarding what to write each week will be posted on the cadiblog.
You will need to read and complete the work outlined on the cadiblog each week.
Every week you will post your writing and images on your blog. This should be
at least 250 words. Most posts will relate in some way to the material covered
in your Tuesday tutorial session and is designed to enhance your understanding
of the ideas and concepts.

You will need to do this work weekly to manage the work for the assignment.                      The blog is also a form of a conversation that needs to be dynamic and current.

Please note that the University has a large number of computers that are
available for student use. All students should know their location.

All blogs must be complete by the week ending Tuesday 28 August, 10am.
Blogs will be assessed after this date.

Film (2011) Tacita Dean. Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London

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