Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Damien Hirst's work 'For the Love of God' and Mercantilism

For the Love of God(2007) Damien Hirst 
Research Damien Hirst's work For the Love of God (2007) in order to answer the following questions;

1. Describe the work, giving details of the form and materials.

2. What does the work mean? What is Damien Hirst communicating in the work?

3. How does Hirst's diamond encrusted skull relate to Mercantilism and to conspicuous consumption?

4. How much did the work cost, and how much was it sold for, and who bought it?

5. What are some of the differing opinions of the journalists in the newspaper and blog articles?
   What did they think of the work?

6. Based on your research, what is your opinion of the work, as an object or a work of art. › CultureCulture News 

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